oli centauro


oli centauro repsol

Light oil of a naphthenic nature specially recommended for use as an insulating fluid in electrical equipment. Pure mineral oil with a highly refined base and very resistant to oxidation, manufactured from treated bases that ensure the absence of solid matter, polar compounds and products that precipitate at low temperatures. Its manufacturing process has an extremely rigorous control, extending to its packaging, in which special precautions are taken to ensure the total absence of humidity, whose presence would be incompatible with the high dielectric power required.
It is specially suited for transformers, circuit breakers, rheostats, etc. In general, it can be used in all kinds of electrical devices that need an oil bath acting as a dielectric or cooling agent.


  • High dielectric power.
  • Great heat evacuating capacity.
  • High oxidation stability.
  • Insignificant dielectric loss (Tg ?).
  • Absence of dampness and solids in suspension.
  • Minimal formation of sludge during use.
  • Low aromatic content.
  • Totally free of PCBs and PCTs.

Quality levels, approvals and recommendations

  • UNE EN 60296
  • IEC 60296:2020 Ed. 5 Type B Standard Grade
  • ASTM-D-3487 Type I
  • BS-148 Class II (not inhibited)